Why the blog? Blogging Rules & Guidelines.

This blog has been set up to help my students’ families have another avenue in which to find out what we have been doing at school. Families and friends are more than welcome to comment on this site. We (my self & my students) will try to keep the site up to date on a weekly basis.

Commenting Guidelines

 send me your love Gibsonclaire

Blogging is about reading, thinking, and responding.

Getting a comment can be like receiving a  little bouquet in your mailbox: a treat for the senses.  We will be taking a lot of time to read posts and write thoughtful comments. Students will brainstorm, discuss,  and determine that the points below are important to keep in mind when commenting on blogs.


  • Make your comment worth reading.
  • Start a conversation.
  • Be positive, interested, and encouraging.
  • If you disagree, be polite about it.
  • Connect with the post: be on topic.
  • Re-read your comment before you hit submit–think before you send!
  • Aim for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Don’t use chat or texting language like lol, i, or u.
  • No “Hi! Visit my blog! Bye!” comments. Be thoughtful.
  • Keep your privacy: no personal or identifying information about you, your family, or your friends. Don’t give out last names, school name, phone numbers, user names, or places and dates you can be found.
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