Welcome to the 5/6-13 blogsite. This is all relatively new to me and I will be learning as I go along. I hope to update the page regularly. By reading the blog you will have a better understanding of the school day of your child. I hope to respond to comments each couple of days; so feel free to comment about anything at all!  (Just click on one of the topics under the ‘RECENT POSTS’ page to add a comment!)I wish I had the time to respond each day, but alas, I don’t!  SO, ENJOY!
Please notice our successes, not our mistakes.
Our blog is for you all to see what we’ve been up to. Some of our work will be complete, and some will be in draft form. Please honour our attempts.
Kym 🙂
Our class - February 2010

Our class - February 2010

Click on the link below to see a “Smilebox” of individual photos of our class members!

Grade 5/6-13

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  1. i have a question about challenge 5… can u contact me plz? thxs! if u dont no my address, it edith110gs.edublogs.org thxs again!!!

  2. Are you guys like scouts that help or are those your uniforms oh otherwise than that your blogs are great I encourage you to share more.

  3. Hi. We are a Grdae 5/6 class from Victoria, Australia. And yes, they are our school uniforms. Almost all school students in Australia are required to wear a uniform. Thanks for your comments, Kym 🙂

  4. The soccer is the biggest game in the world. There is over 500,000 people from 250 contries.

  5. I learnt a lot from watching the video. I didn’t know much about soccer but now I do

  6. 210 soccer world cup is back and is ready to go with hardly a more weeks to go.Did you know that 3.3 billon people come to watch the soccer world cup each year its so amazing. To me its going to be a head to head game this year.
    By Madeline

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