Welcome to the first challenge for March 2010.  For the first time, all challenges will be categorised as one of the following:

  1. Beginner student
  2. Veteran student – means has been blogging for about 6 months or more
  3. Commenter – doesn’t have own blog but comments or posts on a class blog
  4. Class
Class (this is the category we are in):

 Each week you will need to have visited the blog of the class on either side of my name on the ‘March 2010 classes’ page. This will make sure each class gets visited by at least two other classes.  Then choose some other classes from the list that you would like to visit – students of similar age perhaps.


On our class blog, write a post about why students and classes should visit our blog. What will they learn from reading our posts? Are there any skills our class has that we could pass on to other classes and students?


  1. Hello again, This is where I should have left you our first message! Just so you know, this blogging thing is new to me also. We will have to learn as we go together!

  2. our home page is the best. I thint that we are going to win the chalange the chalange is going to be good. I will lern a lot of new things about other conteries and states.

  3. Its great that we have a blog. I love to go on the computer. This is a good site for us younger people to learn about internet safety and blogging.

  4. i like our home site it is awesome. i like the balls on the home page and the and the background colour is cool. i will learn about other people home page and see new things.

  5. i realy like the stick insects and i think that we have a chance of winning the blog competion

  6. Hi this is a really good page and it has lots of things that we can learn about our class. This challange is going to be really cool and it is going to be fun doing the challanges.

  7. It is so awesome that our class has it’s very own blog. I think this will help us because we are able to answer questions at home. This is going to be very fun because we can visit other blogs.

  8. It is so cool that we have our own class blog. This is a good website for younger people to learn about internet safety.

    Emily =]

  9. our blog is the beast we have lots of things about our class that you can see there are manyof sites that you can see

  10. hi if you go on our blog you will learn menny theings like where our school is.

  11. I think blogging would help people learn about what experiences we learn in class. It would also help other people get to know our class 5-6/13 better. It would also help the people to understand the different ways we do things in and out the classroom. I think it would also help other people get to no our great teacher and what she has taught us.

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  13. Aloha from Maui. Like you, we are participating in the blog challenge. I love the avatars that your students are using! We would like to learn more about your location. Please visit our blog at Feel free to leave comments. We are in the beginning stages of getting things going.

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